Scott T. Odom...

Scott Odom is the sole owner and CEO of The Odom Organization, the privately held real estate investment and development organization he founded in 2004 to focus on asset value creation and long term growth. 

Odom applies expertise, high standards and sound decision making to each opportunity as it arises. As with any complex process, the successful completion of an acquisition or new development depends upon the establishment of carefully considered goals and objectives. 

Odom approaches every new acquisition and development as an investment by focusing on important investment parameters such as a company’s tangible assets, free cash flow and potential for improving business performance. 

Odom’s investment strategy follows certain key principles that inspired him while obtaining his Executive Education at Columbia Business School in New York City. 

“An investment operation is one which, upon thorough analysis, promises safety of principal and an adequate return.”

Prior to Columbia University NYC, Odom studied and obtained a Doctor of Dental Surgery degree in Houston, Texas at the University of Texas Health Science Center, UT Dental School, located in the world renowned Texas Medical Center.